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Business Graphic Design

Essentials of Business Graphic Design

Business graphic design is about more than colorful logos and pretty fonts. It's about conveying the right message, one that resonates with your audience. Knowing how to marry visual appeal with targeted communication is key. An eye-catching logo or funny slogan will get them in the door, but you'll need to hit the emotional bullseye to get them to stay. To do that, you need to understand not only the core principles of advertising graphic design but also the needs and wants of your customers.

Every element of graphic design creates associations. Even the same combination of colors and fonts creates different impressions depending on the context (e.g., an upscale restaurant vs. a daycare provider). White space, font sizes and even the position of a photo on a page can affect how the audience feels about your business. At abc write/design, we consider all of these factors and more to ensure you hit all the right targets.

The best advertising medium depends on the nature of your business. Today, the vast majority of businesses need a strong digital presence that includes a professional website and at least one or two social media accounts. Many businesses also post articles to their blog to help establish them as experts in their field. Print marketing, when used in the right context, can be effective as well, sometimes even more so than digital. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, competitors in the same industry often have drastically different marketing needs. It's this uniqueness that inspires us to work closely with our clients and create compelling work that stands out and drives home the core message.

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