Print and Electronic Ads

Take a look at some print and electronic ads we've created for our clients. Read about the elements of a great ad below. And let us know how we can create effective advertising for you. 


How can you determine if an ad will work?

For decades, researchers and admen have been trying to determine what makes a good, even a great ad. Companies have spent millions of dollars on national campaigns that were steeped in creativity but had no effect on their client’s bottom line. Likewise, there have been some small print ads in local newspapers that lack creativity but have created tremendous sales growth. Great ads aren’t based on how much money you pay an agency for creative development or the amount you spend on media placement. It’s far less tangible.


Here are some criteria to determine if an ad is working.


Did the ad grab your attention? Each day, we are blasted with thousands of messages. Your ad must do something to cut through the clutter and attract attention. In many cases, you have less than a second to accomplish that.


Did the ad hold your interest? Headlines exist to grab your audience’s attention long enough to consider reading more.


Did the ad communicate quickly? Your message must be relayed quickly and without making your audience guess its meaning. An ad with too much information will repel your intended audience.  


Can you relate to the message? An ad should communicate its message in a way that your anticipated audience can understand and relate to. Carefully consider the intended audience for  your product/service – then try and put yourself in their shoes.


Did the message create a desire for the product or service? Every ad, on some level, should create a yearning for the product or service you’re selling by conveying its appealing features or positive qualities.


Does the ad have a specific call to action? Your ad must ask your intended audience to do something. As one advertising executive says, “The only time an ad should not include a call to action is…well, never.” It may be as simple as a website or a phone number tucked into a corner, but every ad should have some sort of call to action  for the reader.


Was the ad memorable? Effective print ads should affect you in such a way that your audience remembers the ad and the product it is selling. If the ad is creative and relatable, but your audience cannot remember what it’s selling, the ad has not been successful.